Bankview Community Information

The beltline district of inner city Calgary has no greater pride than the community of Bankview which is located between 17th Avenue SW to the north, 26th Avenue SW to the south, 14th Street SW to the east, and 19th Street SW on the west. Investing in a property in Bankview and its surrounding area allows a homeowner exquisite views of the Rocky Mountains lying to its background, a family-friendly area to share with other Calgary families, and hundreds of independent businesses and commercial opportunities that occupy the region. Originally established in 1908, Bankview maintains a reputation as one of Calgary’s oldest neighborhoods. With a collection of high-density rented apartments, condominiums, older homes, and newly-built residences spread throughout, Bankview remains a high profile community in the city.

Public school students of Bankview attend Richmond Elementary, Mount Royal Junior High, and Ernest Manning Senior High School. Catholic school students of the neighborhood attend Sacred Heart Elementary, St. Monica or St. Michael’s Junior High, and St. Mary’s Senior High School.

In its 100+ year history, Bankview has experienced several developments including most recently as the City of Calgary enacted an area redevelopment plan for the area to ensure that Bankview continues to grow appropriately alongside the city’s vision. The neighborhood is well known for being in close proximity to over 125 independently-owned shops that are sparked throughout the Marda Loop as well as being close to the numerous boutiques and businesses that occupy 17th Avenue. There’s no shortage of amenities in Bankview. Also, the community association for Bankview oversees a facility that is regularly rented out for tae

Calgary Transit offers several stops throughout Bankview that will carry residents to nearly anywhere they want to go in the city.

The City of Calgary’s roots go back far in Canada’s history and the community of Bankview has played an important role in the city’s development over the course of the twentieth century. With developments set to continue far into the twenty-first century, Bankview offers a high value as one of the city’s more favourable locations. If one is searching for a neighborhood in nearby of amenities, with beautiful views of downtown Calgary, easy accessibility to other parts of the city, and with a vast array of recreational opportunities, Bankview makes an excellent choice. Come and visit Bankview today for more information on what is offered in this Calgary community.