Altadore Community Information

Named as one of Calgary’s best neighborhoods in 2010, Altadore utilizes its close proximity to a vast array of amenities to attract some of Calgary’s finest. Originally established in the late 1940s, Altadore is found between 14th Street and Crowchild Trail, and now boasts a population of nearly 10,000 residents. The Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone is found within the community. As the neighborhood undergoes a gentrification process, there are many high-end luxury semi-detached properties that are being built within the limits of Altadore. In the past decade, Altadore has seen an influx of young professionals and new families establish themselves on properties in the community. The neighborhood presently has an area redevelopment plan in place to ensure that it continues to expand and grow far into the future.

Public school students in Altadore attend Altadore Elementary, Mount Royal Junior High, and Central Memorial Senior High School. Meanwhile Catholic students attend St. James Elementary and Junior High before graduating at Bishop Carroll or St. Mary’s Senior High School. There are also numerous private schools in Altadore including the Calgary Waldorf school and the Glenmore Christian Academy.

Among the dozens of amenities, Altadore boasts close proximity to one of Calgary’s finest parks in River Park as well as being near to the largest and busiest outdoor shopping area in the entire city in the Marda Loop. This combination of attention to green space and access to vibrant Calgary culture is what makes Altadore such a desirable place to so many Calgarians. Approximately 40% of Altamont properties are being used for renting thereby attracting many young professionals and an under-30 crowd that enjoys taking advantage of the close access. The Marda Loop contains more than 125 independently owned stores that many residents frequent on a regular basis. In addition, Altadore benefits from a vast array of park space along the eastern border of the neighborhood and the city’s Military Museum is housed within its borders as well.

The neighborhood of Altadore continues to play a significant role in the shaping of Calgary culture with it being the home of the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival as well as the Marda Gras, which is a summer-themed street party held every August that attracts more than 35,000 Calgarians to the neighborhood.

Calgary Transit has numerous bus stops located throughout Altadore and the surrounding area in order to provide easy, affordable transportation to residents looking to explore other parts of Calgary.

Though there may be transportation to other parts of Calgary, all you’ll ever need is found within walking distance of an Altadore property. The shopping opportunities, the restaurants, the green space, and the summer weekend events all play an important part into why Altadore is considered a must-see destination for many Calgarians.