East of the Calgary International Airport, there are a small collection of residential neighbourhoods that contain properties belonging to some of the hardest working Calgarians out there. One of these communities is Castleridge. Tucked in between 64th Avenue to its’ north, 44th Street to its’ west, McKnight Boulevard to the south, and Falconridge Boulevard to its’ east, Castleridge as first established in 1980 and has since blossomed to meet the needs of its’ 6,100 residents. With approximately 25% of properties here being used for renting, it creates an interesting mix of permanent residents and visitors that make for an important Calgary neighborhood. Castleridge is notable for being home to Baitun Nur, the largest mosque in all of Canada.

Public school students in Castleridge attend O.S. Geiger elementary, Terry Fox middle school, and James Fowler senior high school. Catholic school students attend John Paul II elementary, Blessed John XXIII junior high, and Bishop McNally senior high school.

Giving exquisite views of the city down below and the mountains up above, Castleridge lives the life in-between. Though the downtown core is a fair distance away, it is still accessible within a matter of minutes. This neighborhood here offers amenities in the form of one of Calgary’s most active community associations. Here, there are a number of social services offered to assist area residents as well as numerous programs that appeal to the interests of the diverse population.

Calgary Transit sets up reliable transportation with over a dozen stops sprinkled throughout the grid of Castleridge. This ensures that residents can get anywhere they need to be in the city at an affordable cost.

Castleridge’s charm is that it is ridden of any corporate giants and of the more commercial aspects that consume other areas of Calgary. With a unique mix of residents, Castleridge is a very much a home for these people and have long maintained a certain independence as its’ own community. Those that frequent the area – which include inhabitants of surrounding areas – come here to enjoy the people that make up the neighborhood. Where the atmosphere is upbeat, the aesthetic is sweet, and the environment is fruitful, Castleridge is a popular first-property destination.