One third of the Triwood area, this Calgary community is found in the northwestern quadrant of the city and is housed in between Crowchild Train, the University of Calgary, Nose Hill Park, and Confederation Park – all four of which serve residents of the neighborhood well. With a population just under 3,500 people, Charleswood primarily consists of single family homes with the median household income of this area’s property owners being $65,000/annually. Much like the rest of the area, Charleswood was first established in the late 1950s and has since developed into one of the more representative of Calgary’s diverse collection of commercial opportunities and green space.

Public school students of the area are well accommodated for with Captain John Palliser and Capitol Hill elementary schools, Simon Fraser and Senator Patrick Burns junior highs, and Sir Winston Churchill and William Aberhart senior high schools. Meanwhile Catholic school students attend St. Joseph elementary and junior high before proceeding onto St. Mary’s senior high school.

The Triwood Community Association serves Charleswood as well as the neighbouring communities of Brentwood and Collingwood. They hold events year-round for residents of all ages to partake in including programs such as Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, Thursday bingos, Seniors Tai Chi, and preschool alongside various before and after school activities.

The Nose Hill Park found just north of Charleswood is a source of pride for many residents who choose to explore the wide green space in their free time. The North Hill Center is the closest shopping centre found just a few minutes down Crowchild Trail but if one were to keep going, after a few turns, they would hit the downtown centre in no time. For those that don’t own a vehicle, transportation is not a problem with over two dozen Calgary Transit stops throughout the area and two LRT stations nearby that allows a resident to visit any place in the city.

Charleswood is tucked away uniquely between the Crowchild Trail – representative of the more commercial part of the city – and Nose Hill Park which is representative of the abundance of green space that residents have access to. You get the best of both worlds with Charleswood. Employment opportunities are all within a short commute, the University of Calgary among other educational institutions are not far off, and the region is well known for its’ beautiful views of the city spread out over its rolling topography. Live in Charleswood today to uncover the opportunities that will enable health, safety, and wellness, and build a better future.