Collingwood is a small community located at the base of Nose Hill Park and is the home to more than 2,200 Calgarians. Originally established in 1959, the neighborhood has borders of John Laurie Boulevard to its north, 19TH Street to its west, and 14th Street to its east. Confederation Park, Canmore Park, and the Confederation Park golf course are all located within walking distance as well. Living in Collingwood means the opportunity of settling in a neighborhood with access to a wide array of green space that all residents are permitted to use. The neighborhood greatly benefits from its’ location to these spaces as well as its’ access to major transportation routes that allow residents easy travel to other areas of Calgary.

Public school students within the Collingwood neighborhood attend Capitol Hill elementary, Senator Patrick Burns junior high, and William Aberhart senior high school while Catholic school students attend St. Joseph elementary and junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school.

There are many other amenities that Collingwood offers such as close proximity to facilities such as the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Only a few minutes down 14th Street is the North Hill Centre and should one continue down 14th Street, it provides access to downtown Calgary as well.

Calgary Transit offers multiple stops throughout Collingwood including over a half done along Northmount Drive which bisects the neighborhood. Visit other parts of the city at your leisure with Calgary Transit.

Collingwood benefits from its’ unique location relative to various post-secondary institutions and the large amount of green space and parks that surround it. With a dynamic community of welcoming residents and promoting respect for the environment, Collingwood is where you can be proud to raise your family. For these reasons among others, Collingwood is without question a great place to live with quality access provided to numerous Calgary amenities and to have a neighborhood like this to come home to – you couldn’t ask for more.