Coppperfield Community Information

The vibrant, charm of Copperfield is what has attracted many families who have come here seeking a home that is as stylish as it is affordable. This small, young Calgary neighborhood was established in the early 2000s and has now grown to encompass over 4,000 residential properties that accommodate the neighborhood’s population of a little under 8,000 residents. Its interconnected green spaces, parks, and pathways make for a unique experience in this suburban community that have attracted several high quality developers to the area. The Wildflower, Stillwater, and Copper Ponds that occupy the community in conjunction with Copperfield Park make it a destination for any family looking to settle in somewhere where green space is only a short walk away.

Public school students of Copperfield attend the Maple Ridge Elementary, David Thompson Junior High,  and Lord Beaverbrook High School. Meanwhile Catholic school students attend St. Matthew Elementary, St. Albert the Great Elementary, or St. Isabella Elementary and Junior High before finishing up at Bishop Grandin High School.

There are many recreational opportunities in the area for families and young couples to take advantage of including a toboggan hill, a skating rink, and a tennis court. Though green space and family-oriented activities is a focus of Copperfield, the community is still only a short five minutes’ drive away from Deerfoot Trail and 130th Avenue where there’s a wide array of shops, services, and restaurants to be explored. Calgary’s southeast is one of the fastest growing areas of the city. Every year, more residential and commercial developments occur here – everything from grocery stores to movie theatres to local professional services.

Calgary Transit has several bus stops that line the curved boulevards and streetscapes allowing easy access to the downtown area as well as to other parts of the city.

Copperfield showcases single family and multi-family dwellings that are set amongst a wide range of amenities including the new South Calgary Health Campus which is adjacent to the community. While still a new neighborhood still in development, Copperfield promises an escape from the touch-and-go lifestyle present in other areas of the city and instead offers a quiet community wherein a family can grow. This neighborhood offers something truly special in the form of an area refreshing in its distinctiveness and with a combination of features rarely available elsewhere. Any Copperfield property owner will be well taken care of not only today but the value of their property is only bound to see an increase as more developments continue to occur in the surrounding area.