The Calgary suburbs have known great success thanks to the contributions of many of its residents in providing an inviting and safe atmosphere in which families can settle down in – nowhere is this more evident than in Coventry Hills. In the northeastern edge of the city, this neighborhood was first established in 1991 and has since gone on to become a collection of over 16,000 citizens that are integral to Coventry Hills’ value to Calgary. Bounded by Stoney Trail to the north, Deerfoot Trail and Nose Creek to the east, Country Hills boulevard to the south, and Harvest Hills boulevard to the west, the properties in this area are all single family detached homes.

Coventry Hills has two public schools inside of its’ borders; Coventry Hills Elementary School (K-4) and Nose Creek School (5-8). Upon graduation at Nose Creek School, public school students attend Crescent Heights senior high school. Meanwhile Catholic school students are afford the similar luxury of having St. Claire Elementary School (K-6) and Notre Dame Catholic High School (10-12) in the neighborhood.

Many residents enjoy the distance between this small community and the downtown centre which instills a perceived autonomy to the community as its own small town. There are numerous services, activities, and events offered to residents on behalf of the Northern Hills Community Association which assists the local communities of Harvest Hills, Country Hills, and Panorama Hills as well. Furthermore there are several golf courses in the area including the nearby Harvest Hills Golf Course and there are several restaurants and shopping opportunities that are unique to the area.

Calgary Transit offers over two dozen stops throughout the Coventry Hills to help assist residents who want to reach other areas of the city during daytime hours. Those that own a vehicle enjoy the access they have to Stoney Trail which is its’ northernmost border. This gives them a quick way to make it outside the city as well as reach the southern parts of Calgary including the downtown core.

This neighborhood is dedicated to protecting its assets and to ensure that future developments follow the principles of intelligent growth, reducing environmental impact, and improving residents’ quality of life. Coventry Hills highly values the input of its residents towards creating a better neighborhood and a better Calgary for all to benefit from. Whether you’re a senior, a young professional, or a family – all are valued here equally. No matter from where you are travelling from, you are welcome in Coventry Hills. Get to know Coventry Hills better and find where you need to go faster.