Cranston Community Information

With a wide range of single family and multi-family residential properties, the neighborhood of Cranston is a highly-regarded community for Calgary residents. Tucked in between the Marquis of Lorne trail, the exquisite Bow River, Deerfoot Trail, and the Fish Creek Provincial Park, Cranston presents itself as one of the more green-oriented communities in the entirety of the city. In addition, the Calgary South Health Center is only a few minutes away and this in combination with the schools that occupy certain areas of Cranston make the neighborhood’s overall property value quite desirable for newcomers.

Public school students of Cranston attend the newly-opened Cranston Elementary as well as McKenzie Lake Elementary before graduating to attend Nickle Junior High and Lord Beaverbrook Senior High School. Catholic school students of Cranston benefit from their close proximity to Christ the King Elementary and Junior High before attending Bishop O’Byrne Senior High School.

Cranston offers many high quality amenities within its borders and in the surrounding area. The brand new Century Hall acts as a 22,000 sq. foot multi-use private recreational facility that is commonly used for community weddings, banquets, and other activities. There’s a 7-acre gated park accessible only to Cranston residents that offers multiple tennis courts, a hockey rink, multiple basketball courts, a playground, and a small waterpark. There’s the Cranston Market across the street from Century Hall, where a vast array of stores and shops are set.

Calgary Transit has several bus stops set up to allow residents the opportunity to visit other areas of Calgary at an affordable cost to them.

The snow-capped mountains that occupy Cranston’s horizon and the nature escapes that line its surroundings, this community is highly desirable for a number of Calgary residents. While promoting a green-friendly outdoor lifestyle, Cranston is still close enough to downtown Calgary to be able to get in and out rather quickly for those that need to travel for work purposes or otherwise. Whether it’s the downtown Calgary via Deerfoot Trail or the Rocky Mountains via the Marquis de Lorne Trail, there’s perhaps nowhere else in Calgary where one gets the best of both worlds. Offering a lot in return, the properties here benefit from close proximity to these amenities among others. Those who have chosen Cranston as their home have found in the neighborhood a convenience, privacy, and promise unique to the area and unseen elsewhere in Calgary.