Deer Run Community Information

Deer Run is a unique neighborhood prominently featured along a bend of the Bow River and surrounded to the easy and south by the Fish Creek Provincial Park. Originally established in the late 1970s, the community of Deer Run has gone on to become home to a population of over 5,000 residents with a median household income of $75,000. The neighborhood is well connected with the rest of the city with major routeways such as Bow Bottom Trail and Deerfoot Trail giving residents a chance for quick transportation to far busier parts of Calgary. The Deer Run area is well-known for a number of recreational opportunities that surround it including in the form of Calgary’s only public manmade lake, Lake Sikome.

Public school students in the neighborhood attend Deer Run Elementary, Wilma Hansen Junior High, and Lord Beaverbrook Senior High School while Catholic school students attend Don Bosco Elementary and Junior High before graduating to attend Bishop Grandin Senior High School.

The insulation that is created through the green space that surrounds this area of the city is often times the primary reason why properties in Deer Run are viewed. Those that are more in tune to the downtown lifestyle often choose to live elsewhere while Deer Run remains a truly residential part of the city with walking and biking trails situated nearby and throughout. The community association remains extremely active with several activities offered for residents of all ages to take part in year-round.

Calgary Transit offers a small collection of stops in the neighborhood to assist residents who would like to visit other areas of the city at an affordable cost.

Deer Run trades in the quick-paced lifestyle that Calgary is fastly becoming known for in order to give its residents a nature-run escape that they call their neighborhood. This community has attracted many due to its large green spaces, the streets that can be used to reach busier parts of the city quickly, and the amenities that surround it. With flowers that blossom in the springtime and kaleidoscope leaves that cover the street in the fall, Deer Run has reserved itself only for those that are looking for an inspired residential experience.