Elbow Park Community Information

The neighborhood of Elbow Park was originally established in the early 1910s and has now grown to maintain a population of 3,500 residents with a median household income of approximately $135,000. Elbow Park is one of city’s most affluent and wealthiest communities in the City of Calgary, and it’s found bordered by the Elbow River to the east and south, Elbow Drive to the east, Council Way to the north, and 14th Street to the west. There are a vast array of properties here, with the higher end of these selling anywhere from $600,000 to more than $10 million. This quiet, tranquil community is only ten minutes away from the downtown city only serving to further add to the value of the properties that line the banks of the river here.

Elbow Park’s public school students attend the neighborhood’s own Elbow Park Elementary and William Reid Elementary before graduating to attend Rideau Park Junior High or Mount Royal Junior High and then finally, to Western Canada Senior High School. Meanwhile, Catholic school students of the area attend St. Augustine Elementary and Junior High before finishing their education at Bishop Grandin Senior High School.

Many young parents choose to settle in the area due to the close proximity to schools and the short distance away from various amenities of many different types. Very family-friendly, Elbow Park maintains several playgrounds, a skating rink, a hockey rink, tennis courts, and a Movie Night in the Park throughout the summer. The vast majority of properties in the area are single-family detached homes with less than 5% of these properties being used for renting purposes. The City’s government has chosen to highly value the history behind Elbow Park with several of the neighborhood’s original homes still standing and being renovated to bring up to modern day safety standards.

Calgary Transit offers several stops throughout the Elbow Park neighborhood to accompany residents to travel to other parts of the city.

With these amenities and others – including the many stops that perpetuate 17th Avenue just north of the community – means that younger families and professionals often have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of activities. Get a piece of Calgary’s history, a location that is convenient for families and professionals alike, and the opportunity to enjoy the advantages that come with a smaller community.