Elboya Neighourhood Description

The neighborhood of Elboya is a unique area waiting to be discovered and is presently ranked by Avenue Calgary as Calgary’s #1 neighborhood overall. Originally established in the late 1940s, Elboya is set between Elbow River to the north; 4th Street, 45th Avenue, and Macleod Trail to the east; 50th Avenue to the south; and Elbow Drive to the west. With many of the area’s original homes from the 1940s and 1950s still standing, Elboya is well known for its intelligent city planning, exquisite architecture, and for its breathtaking view of the Calgary skyline. The neighborhood presently maintains a population of 1,800 residents spread across 800 inner city properties. Elboya’s residents boast a median household income of $62,000 while approximately 40% of the area’s housing is used for renting.

Public school students who live in Elboya are assigned to attend the neighborhood’s own Elboya Elementary and Junior High before graduating at Henry Wise Wood Senior High. Meanwhile Catholic school students are served by St. Augustine’s K-9 School followed by Bishop Grandin Senior High School.

The vast majority of development throughout Elboya occurred throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. The area benefits from a heightened view as Elboya rests on an elevated land mass that maintains a sequence of trees – older than a century – that line the sidewalks to give the neighborhood a unique feel. Elboya is regularly targeted at young professionals and/or young families who move into some of the older homes in the community to fix up and renovate these properties according to the homeowner’s needs. In troublesome economic times, Elboya’s properties have largely been sparred any decrease in value and over the long-term, property values have increased significantly in the area as more amenities have become available.

Calgary Transit offers several stops throughout Elboya in order to assist residents in getting out to other areas of the city – including downtown Calgary which sits approximately 4 kilometres away. Those with vehicles can afford to travel via Elbow Drive or Macleod Trail – both routes offering direct access to the downtown core in less than 15 minutes.

In addition to these amenities, Elboya is also plugged into Calgary’s developed pathway system to accommodate the activities of joggers, hikers, and bicyclists who wish to use an alternate method of travel. The natural environment is a significant theme that ties the neighborhood together with the community’s trees and parkland offering family-friendly public spaces at one’s fingertips.

If you’re a budding new property owner searching for an affordable home that can be renovated to match your vision, there’s no neighborhood ranked higher than Elboya – maintaining a #1 rating for multiple years in a row. Where old fashions meet new trends, Elboya offers residents the choice of either mixing it up with the natural surrounding environment or to meet up in downtown Calgary – only a short drive away. Mix in the best of both worlds with an investment in Elboya today.