Recreationally, culturally, and economically, Calgary is truly a city on the rise and one of the newest neighborhoods that lie at the top of the list of latest developments in the city is Evanston. At the northern edge of the city, Evanston is bordered by the Stoney Trail, the Sarcee Trail, and other smaller neighboring communities. For its’ large area, Evanston remains with a smaller population as new residents continue to uncover the benefits of its’ exquisite properties that are secluded from the rest of the city. Nearly 7,000 residents call the neighborhood home. The city has carved out the community and shaped it to contain a more rural-based feel that harkens back to Calgary decades earlier. Originally established in 2002/2003, Evanston offers pathways, natural areas, and close proximity to many amenities nearby.

Public school students in Evanston attend Cambrian Heights elementary, Georges P. Vanier junior high, and James Fowler senior high school. Catholic school students attend the nearby St. Bede elementary, St. Helena junior high, and Notre Dame senior high school.

Evanston are the privileged trustees of a dynamic outer community and a network of family-friendly trails that occupy its’ secluded area. Those that are looking for a welcome home atmosphere somewhat far from the inner city or downtown core of Calgary, you’ve found it with Evanston. Calgary Transit has accommodated the location of Evanston with over a dozen stops set up in the inner grid of the community which allow residents the chance to explore all aspects of Calgary without hassle.

The neighborhood’s situation at the northern tip is attractive to many as it boasts a number of natural amenities that other neighborhoods closer to the downtown area simply can’t support. As the city continues to expand outward in the decades to come, now is the time to make an investment in an Evanston property. The downtown area can be easily reached for those that work there but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own paradise within city limits. Visit the scenic Evanston for more evidence on what makes the community a must-have for many.