Evergreen Community Information and Description

Bringing together the Evergreen Estates (originally established in 1980) and the newly designed Evergreen (originally established in 1999), the Calgary neighborhood of Evergreen boasts a population of 20,000 residents across 7,000 dwellings. Less than 2% of the properties here are used for renting purposes and all buildings are single-family detached homes that maintain a median household income of approximately $105,000. Evergreen is a neighborhood known by many Calgarians for its close proximity to the 2,300 acres of Fish Creek Provincial Park which is found at Evergreen’s southernmost edge. With one of North America’s largest urban parks at the neighborhood’s feet, Evergreen offers a variety of trails, wildlife, rivers, and ponds for all ages to take advantage of and enjoy.

Public school students in Evergreen attend the recently opened Evergreen Elementary K-4 School before attending Woodman Junior High, Harold Panabaker Junior High, Elboya Junior High, and finally Dr. E. P. Scarlett Senior High. The larger-than-normal land mass also offers Catholic school students a variety of options including St. Catherine, St. Jude, and/or St. Stephen Elementary Schools; St. Stephen or Our Lady of Peace Junior High Schools; and Bishop O’Byrne Senior High School.

Evergreen’s split allows for two separate community associations to oversee the recreational opportunities found in the area. These community associations have worked together in the past along with the city to bring in various developments to the area including, most recently, a project for 1,400 single-family homes set to be built on the Shawnee Slops Golf Course which will be rezoned in the near future. Presently no other residential area in the City of Calgary has as much green space as what is found in Evergreen and in its surrounding areas. The lush parks and commitment to continued development have brought in several new residents who wish to take advantage of the potential increase in property value.

Calgary Transit provides varied bus stops throughout Evergreen in order to accommodate those who do not own transportation and assists these residents in making it out to other parts of the city.

Evergreen also benefits from being at the halfway point between Shawnessy Village and Southcentre Mall, each located a few minutes down Macleod Trail. This is very accommodating for the more than 20,000 residents who occupy properties in the neighborhood. As Evergreen continues to expand and develop, its value is sure to continue to rise. Evergreen maintains a reputation as a dynamic nucleus of green sectors and property opportunities amongst the abundant resources and land found throughout the City of Calgary.