Tucked in between Falconridge Boulevard and 44th Street to the north, 68th Street to the east, and McKnight Boulevard to the south, Falconridge is found in Calgary’s northeast. Originally established in 1979, the neighborhood boasts a population of 10,500 residents and offers amazing views of both the mountains as well as the city. Falconridge is not merely a community built of wood and stone but is one built by the residents who have come to occupy the land in the past few decades.

Public school students attend Falconridge elementary, Grant MacEwan elementary, Terry Fox junior high, and James Fowler senior high school. Meanwhile Catholic school students attend the nearby Blessed John XXIII elementary and junior high before graduating to Falconridge’s own Bishop McNally senior high school.

Falconridge’s community association is shared by the neighbouring Castleridge and maintains a level of activity unparalleled to others in Calgary. Offering nineteen social services including counselling, immigrant help, financial aid, and baby clinics, the Falconridge/Castleridge Community Association has a wide variety of before and after school programs, provides home to various groups including the Boy Scouts, and holds fitness classes such as Zumba.

Calgary Transit has over a dozen stops set up in Falconridge to help residents make it out to other parts of Calgary at a very low cast.

The residential streetscape of Falconridge give it a feel reminiscent of Calgary in decades past where the focus was more on a community of pioneering people rather than growing a downtown grid. Falconridge is a bustling collection of some of Calgary’s finest set alongside a wide range of residents and their families. With a vibrancy maintained by its’ community association and a uniqueness due to its’ distance from the busier parts of Calgary, Falconridge and the surrounding neighbourhoods have found a newfound vigour with those looking for a quiet community to call their own.