Bounded by 26th Avenue to the south, 36th Street to the west, 8th Avenue to the north, and portions of 52nd Street and 48th Street to the east, the neighborhood of Forest Lawn is found in southeast Calgary. With a population of 7,500 residents, the area represents many different cultures which has a major influence over the international feel that the community boasts. With 17th Avenue – otherwise known as the multicultural International Avenue – bisecting the neighborhood, Forest Lawn presently has an area redevelopment in place which will ensure further growth in the decades to come. Offering low-price housing in a premiere Calgary location, authentic international food, and a small collection of residents who have been established in the community for decades, Forest Lawn is a neighborhood welcoming to one and all.

Due to the large size of the Forest Lawn neighborhood, public school students are assigned to attend a different set of schools depending on where they are situated – these may include Patrick Airlie elementary, Valley View elementary, Penbrooke Meadows elementary, Ernest Morrow junior high, Ian Bazalgette junior high, and Forest Lawn senior high school. Meanwhile Catholic school students are designated to attend the nearby St. Peter elementary or Holy Trinity elementary, Bishop Kidd junior high, and Father Lacombe senior high.

Within a mere five minute drive to the downtown core of Calgary, the neighbourhood’s average price for a single-family home is anywhere between $300,000 and $150,000 below the average housing prices for Calgary. The majority of Forest Lawn residents are immigrants, which serves to further influence the crowd which accumulates along 17th Avenue. Here, food tours are held monthly where residents from all over Calgary come to try the Middle Eastern and African foods available exclusive along the restaurants of 17th Avenue.

The area redevelopment plan promises to further enhance the diverse cultures here but also has set aside land within Forest Lawn for a 1,000-seat theatre and arts centre. There are also plans to increase outdoor public spaces, improve the look of residential dwellings, and improve public transportation. Forest Lawn also has added benefit of being close to the Bow River, the Western Irrigation District Canal, a regional park, and some of Calgary’s major roadways.

Calgary Transit has a number of bus stops set up in various pockets of Forest Lawn to ensure that residents are granted access to the rest of Calgary at an affordable price.

Without question, Forest Lawn is a neighborhood that many see as having fallen on hard times in recent years. Yet residents continue to push for better opportunities and a better community. The area redevelopment plan and the City of Calgary’s commitment to making Forest Lawn a more attractive community to outsiders in the coming years means that if there ever was a time to invest in a Forest Lawn property, it’s now. The neighborhood welcomes residents from all walks of life. Forest Lawn acts as an incredible resource for those interested in enjoying Calgary culture alongside cultures from around the world.