In the northwest quadrant of Calgary lies a nice little neighborhood called Hidden Valley. First established in 1990, this community is located near the northern edge of the city and is bounded by the Stoney Trail. As of 2012, there it maintains a population of 11,657 over a surface area of 4.3 km. With newer homes and the beautiful Hidden Ranch Park, Hidden Valley is a gorgeous community within the city of Calgary.

For the students attending public school in the neighborhood, Hidden Valley Elementary school takes care of grades K-3. Valley Creek School is in charge of children grades 4-6, George P. Vanier cares for grades 7-9, and Crescent Heights is in charge of the High School students ranging from grades 10-12. For those attending Catholic schools, students attend St. Elizabeth Seton School for elementary as well as Junior High. Senior High students go to Notre Dame. For those who wish to go to French Immersion, St. Plus and Madeleine d’Houet are the local schools the students will be attending.

Throughout Hidden Valley, there are multiple bus stops. The majority of which are located on the Hidden Valley Dr. NW, the rest are located on Hidden Valley lane. All the bus stops are located at short distances in order to make it easier on those who wish to use the local transit service.

The neighborhood of Hidden Valley is home to the Hidden Ranch Park, a gorgeous park where one could take a walk on a beautiful day, or bring the kids outside to play, or maybe take a picnic. Hidden Valley also has an Olympic sized outdoor hockey rink for winter outdoor activities as well. For those who wish to be close to nature, Hidden Valley is certainly a place to see.

Hidden Valley offers a wonderful selection of schools, beautiful green space, and opportunities to enjoy some of the peace that one doesn’t typically find in a Calgary setting. For those looking at some of the newer neighborhoods the city has to offer at an affordable rate, Hidden Valley is at the top of the list for anyone looking for a perfect home in the city.