Named for its elevation, Highland Park is located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary. Annexed in 1910 and first established in 1946, this neighborhood is home to approximately 3,792 people in a land area of 1.4 km. Highland Park is notable for its direct access to downtown as well as the Edmonton Trail. For those wishing to be close to the heart of the city, Highland Park is the place to be.

Public school students attend Buchanan elementary school, Georges P. Vanier middle school, and James Fowler High School. For those attending Catholic Schools in the area, there is St Joseph for both Elementary and Junior High, and either St Mary’s or St. Francis for Senior High. There is also an option for French immersion with St. Plus for Elementary and Madeleine d’Houet for Junior High.

Highland Park has a range of transportation options. There are several bus routes across many streets including but not limited to Centre Street, NW, 40 Ave NE, 4 ST NW, and Edmonton Trail. Aside from the direct access to the downtown core that the neighborhood provides, Highland Park also offers access to regional bike pathways such as Nose Hill Park and Confederation Park.  There is no shortage of transportation options to suit any needs in this neighborhood.

Highland Park also has a community center that has become popular with man; featuring activities ranging from karate classes, to various church groups, and to a variety of dancing classes. Highland Park also holds a plethora of special events every year such as craft fairs and the Stampede barbeque. In Highland Park there is always something to do, regardless of age, family status and preference of activities.

Highland Park truly has it all. It has an urban atmosphere while still being nearby parks and recreation as well as bike trails, there is always something to do in this neighborhood. With its access to the heart of Calgary there is no better place to be if you want to be close to the city. This neighborhood prides itself with offering the opportunity to be close to opportunities that can be enjoyed by one and all.