In the northwest quadrant of Calgary lies the sweet little neighborhood of Highwood. This beautiful little neighborhood is host to 2,214 people since its establishment in 1954. With a land area of 0.9 km, it is one of the smallest neighborhoods in the quadrant but don’t let that fool you. Highwood has a wide variety of things to offer such as beautiful scenery, close proximity to parks and recreation, a wide variety of outdoor activities for all ages, and an overall comforting feel.

For the parents in the community of Highwood, their children have many different options in regards to education. The students attending public schools in the Highwood neighborhood will attend Cambrian Heights Elementary school, as well as Colonel Irving Junior High and James Fowler High School. Or if there’s a preference for Catholic School, St. Joseph hosts for both Elementary and Junior High, and St. Mary’s or St. Francis are available their senior high studies. There is also the availability for French immersion in both elementary and junior high by attending St. Plus and Madeleine d’Houet.

Highwood also contains many bus stops. These bus stops line the neighborhood from 4 St. NW to Northmount DR. NW. This little neighborhood contains approximately 17 bus-stops in all, making it easy to find public transportation regardless of where you are in the neighborhood.

The Highwood Community Association also contains an outdoor skating rink for those who wish to skate on the beautiful winter days. There is also Highwood Park, centrally located and the perfect place to spend time outdoors.. The neighborhood has gently rolling foothills which provides views of several locations within Highwood.

Highwood offers the unique opportunity to be close to the city while still feeling like you are in a small town. So whether you are single and looking for a peaceful place with recreational opportunities based in the outdoors, or a family looking to get in some family time and exercise, Highwood is the place for you.