Killarney Neighbourhood Description

This residential neighborhood is found between 17th Avenue to the north, 37th Street to the west, Richmond Road to the south, and 25th Street to the east. Killarney is an ideal representation of Calgary’s ability to build, rise, re-build, and rise again. Originally a post-war era neighborhood with hundreds of bungalows and structures representing that time period, Killarney has been rebuilt over the course of the past decade with the replacement of older structures with new housing. The City of Calgary’s area redevelopment plan that oversees development in Killarney ensures that the community’s priorities are looked after in the decades to come. Killarney currently boasts a population of nearly 7,000 residents and growing, with a median household income of approximately $54,000. Roughly 45% of the neighborhood’s properties are utilized for renting purposes.

Killarney’s public school students attend Sir James Lougheed Elementary or Killarney Elementary, A. E. Cross Junior High or Vincent Massey Junior High, and Ernest Manning Senior High School. Catholic school students are represented with educational institutions such as Holy Name Elementary, St. Michael Junior High, and Bishop Carroll Senior High School all found in the surrounding area.

The 17th Avenue and 37th Street shopping districts are filled with commercial opportunities that many Calgarians choose to frequent. Westbrook Mall is also a popular stop among local residents and is found in Killarney’s immediate north. Going beyond the numerous businesses in the area, there are also numerous parks spread throughout to accommodate the families that are situated in the community.

In addition to the dozens of stops that Calgary Transit oversees alongside streets such as 37th Street and 17th Avenue, the West LRT C-Train station recently opened in December 2012 and has turned into a popular option for residents looking to make it out to the downtown area of the city.

The gentle landscapes mixed in with the viable transportation routes make Killarney a must-consider community for anyone looking to move to Calgary. Throughout the changing seasons, Killarney maintains a quaint charm and makes for a quality investment in any of its properties. Welcoming to young professionals, seniors, families, and nature enthusiasts, Killarney is an example of what Calgary has done time and time again – crafting a quality neighborhood and then continuing to make strategic investments in that neighborhood to set it up for permanent long-term growth.