Lincoln Park Neighbourhood Description

Plug into a fundamental piece of Calgary’s history with a property in Lincoln Park. Originally established on land of the former Canadian Forces Base Calgary which was a Royal Canadian Air Force airfield throughout World War II, the neighborhood of Lincoln Park now maintains a strong population of 2,500 residents. Deep into Calgary’s southwest, the Lincoln Park community is found north of Glenmore Trail, west of Crowchild Trail, Mount Royal College, and the ATCO Industrial Park – all important amenities to the area. The neighborhood maintains a median household income of $30,000 with approximately 62% of the buildings in this area being rented properties with the residential sector being made up exclusively of rental housing.

The public school students that reside in Lincoln Park attend Sir James Lougheed Elementary, A. E. Cross Junior High, and Central Memorial Senior High School. Meanwhile Catholic school students regularly attend Holy Name Elementary, St. James Junior High, and Bishop Carroll Senior High School.

Mt. Royal University within the borders of Lincoln Park make the area a very student-friendly part of the city and additionally helps to explain the large amount of rental properties. The amenities found here are near exclusively targeted to university students however the ATCO Industrial Park also attracts a more working class group of Calgarians to the area as well.

Lincoln Park is fortunate in that it maintains two important transportation routes that lead out to commercial centres of the city – the Crowchild Trail leading to downtown and the Glenmore Trail leading to the shopping district that lines it further down. Calgary Transit offers numerous stops along several streets that accommodate students, renting residents, and other citizens searching for an affordable transportation method.

The neighborhood offers up a slice of what is Calgary university life and remains popular with young professionals as well as students. One doesn’t really need a vehicle in Lincoln Park as Calgary Transit visits often and there is always something within walking distance to explore. Those that wish to travel down local routes may find more commercial opportunities that Calgary maintains. The locals find Lincoln Park to be an easy setup for anyone attending university or employed in the ATCO Industrial Park. Take yourself into Lincoln Park and see a piece of Calgary military history on land repurposed to develop Calgary’s brightest minds for the future.