The northern half of the Mount Royal area, just south of 17th avenue, is a community known to the rest of Calgary as the Lower Mount Royal neighborhood. What’s caught between the downtown area and some of Calgary’s wealthier properties is this neighborhood of a little over 3,000 residents that populate the condominiums and the apartment buildings that are prevalent throughout Lower Mount Royal. Within the last year, there’s actually been a 7% increase in population due to its’ convenient location relative to the downtown core as well as to other attractions within Calgary. In tandem with Upper Mount Royal, the area has experienced a lot of change within its’ history as it’s been re-developed to accommodate the city’s growth and to suit the commercial developments that have been built surrounding it.

The public school students in the area are assigned to Earl Grey elementary, Mount Royal junior high, and Western Canada senior high school while the Catholic school students regularly attend St. Monica elementary, St. Michael junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school. Earl Grey and Mount Royal junior high are both located within the neighborhood, which allows for a short commute within walking distance for any parents. Also, Western Canada senior high is only a short walk down 17th avenue.

Transportation is never an issue here in Lower Mount Royal due to its’ location but even so, Calgary Transit has stops that line 17th avenue and 8th street that will take you to anywhere in the city.

The northern border of Lower Mount Royal has a # of small businesses, restaurants, retail outlets, and grocery chains that allow a resident to have all that they need within walking distance of the community. Not to mention, continue up a little further up the road, and within a few minutes, you’ve hit the downtown area of the city.

The neighborhood is one of the more exciting areas of the city for those with employment opportunities in the downtown core as well as for those who wish to be close to Calgary’s on-goings. Lower Mount Royal offers affordable housing opportunities, a quick route to anywhere you need to be in the city, and it is right in the middle of all the amenities that Calgary could provide.