Lying east of Macleod Trail, north of Glenmore Trail, west of the Bow River Valley, and south of the Inglewood Wetlands, the neighborhood of Manchester is nestled in an area that is predominantly industrial though it still maintains several residential properties within. Manchester’s past and present is very much centered on its proximity to the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. Its future is bright with an area redevelopment plan in place as assigned by the city. The neighborhood presently has a population of 600 residents living amongst its nearly 450 dwellings. The vast majority – over 70% – of the properties here are used for renting purposes with very few permanent residents within the borders of Manchester.

Public school students of Manchester are assigned to attend Elboya Elementary and Junior High before graduating to attend Western Canada Senior High School. Furthermore, the students that find themselves in Calgary’s Catholic school district are assigned to attend St. Augustine Elementary and Junior High before finishing their studies at Bishop Grandin Senior High School.

There are many amenities that surround the residents of this small inner city community including the Chinook Shopping Center which is only a few minutes away. There’s much green space located in the local area with the Inglewood Wildlands Park and the Bow River riding Manchester’s borders. Macleod Trail, Deerfoot Trail, and Glenmore Trail are all major routeways through Calgary, allowing residents with vehicles to get in and out of Manchester and through to busier parts of Calgary.

Calgary Transit offers several stops throughout the street design of Manchester that serves to accommodate any residents who wish to travel throughout the city but who do not own a method of transportation themselves.

Manchester is largely a designated industrial area and the residents that live here benefit from the employment opportunities offered in close proximity. The temporary status of their living arrangements allows workers to move in and out as needed. There are a wide range of amenities including shopping opportunities, access to other parts of Calgary, and a half-dozen square kilometres of green space.

For a fresh take on Calgary, Manchester certainly offers a chance for residents to see a different side of the city. The area redevelopment plan in place is sure to guarantee a healthy future for the community with the conditions in Manchester continuing to improve. If a resident has employment nearby or somewhere along any of the major routeways that border the community then Manchester may be the ideal neighborhood for you.