The neighborhood of Marlborough is known throughout the rest of Calgary for the Marlborough station of the C-Train LRT system which serves the local residents as well as the Marlborough Mall, home to dozens of boutiques, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. Originally established in 1967, Marlborough has now become home to 8,500 residents maintaining a median household income of $55,000. Marlborough benefits from close proximity to the Trans-Canada Highway by which it is bounded to at its northernmost border and a short commute to the downtown area via Memorial Drive.

Public school students in the neighborhood attend Marlborough elementary, Bob Edwards junior high, and Forest Lawn senior high school while Catholic school students attend St. Mark elementary, St. Martha junior high, and Father Lacombe senior high school.

The Marlborough Mall and the Pacific Place Mall are among other commercial opportunities in the local area that have brought a lot of value to the neighborhood. Its borders act as major routeways that can get a resident to nearly anywhere in the City of Calgary via a direct route. There are over a dozen green spaces designated in various pockets of Marlborough. Welcoming to families, Marlborough is predominantly a low density residential neighborhood that will likely remain so in the years to come as commercial developments continue to occur at a separated distance.

In addition to the Marlborough station of the C-Train LRT system, Calgary Transit has over a dozen stops set up all over Marlborough in order to accommodate residents’ wishes to visit other parts of Calgary at an affordable cost.

Those that are looking for an area where they don’t need to travel a sufficient distance for groceries, shopping, or some quiet family time at a residential park then Marlborough is easily explained as one of the better choices in Calgary. The neighborhood houses many families, young professionals, and retirees together in a community that gets away from the rough tumbles of the inner city. Those drawn in by amenities such as these deserve a neighborhood like Marlborough – where many opportunities are offered to live close enough to the downtown core of the city but far enough away to be able to live independently of the lifestyle.