Containing a population of nearly 14,000 residents in primarily single family detached homes, Martindale fits the model of the ideal Calgary residential neighborhood. With 80th Avenue to the north, Falconridge Boulevard to the east, 64th Avenue to the south, and 44th Street to the west, Martindale offers many amenities including the recently-opened Saddletowne LRT station at the neighborhood’s northeastern point. Within close proximity, there are several sizeable green spaces in Martindale as well as neighbouring communities, the Calgary International Airport, and with a multitude of different shopping opportunities, restaurants, and businesses only a few minutes south of Martindale.

The large land mass of Martindale means that, depending on where a student lives in the context of the area, they are assigned to different schools. The public schools available to students of Martindale include Crossing Park elementary, Grant MacEwan elementary, Annie Foote elementary, Crossing Park junior high, Terry Fox junior high, and James Fowler senior high school. Catholic school students face a similar predicament – those south of Martindale Boulevard attend John Paul II elementary, Blessed John XXIII junior high, and Bishop McNally senior high while those north of Martindale Boulevard attend Our Lady of Fatima elementary, Light of Christ junior high, and Bishop McNally senior high school.

Though south of Martindale has seen much development in the past few decades, Martindale remains a primarily residential community that hasn’t seen very much commercial development. Recent developments have included a new public school and the construction or restoration of designated residential properties throughout the area. While the Martindale community doesn’t have a community association itself, residents are welcome to take part in programs offered by Falconridge and Castleridge, both of which have close ties to Martindale.

Calgary Transit has over a dozen stops located in the streetscape of Martindale that will guarantee that, no matter where they may be situated, a resident has adequate transportation to the rest of Calgary. Many Martindale residents prefer to use the Saddletowne LRT station however the community is so vast in land mass that both options are offered.

There was once a time where Martindale was nothing more than wild water, lush forests, and abundant wildlife. In the past hundred years, it’s been transformed into a private residential community that remains separate from downtown Calgary and close to the heart of the residents that live here. The future is bright for Martindale. As Calgary continues to expand outwards, there’s no doubt that more development will come to this neighborhood’s borders in the years to come. Those that are looking to have access to the many amenities that Calgary offers as well as the job opportunities available nearby yet still maintain the privacy that comes with being in a residential district, Martindale makes for the ideal neighborhood to call home.