Deep in the inner city and on the cusp of the nature grown out from the Glenmore Reservoir is the Meadowlark Park community. Named after the Meadowlark bird, this small of community of 600 lies in between Elbow Drive to its’ west, Glenmore Trail to its’ south, and 58th avenue to its’ north. Beneficial to Meadowlark Park residents, the neighborhood is located immediately east of the Chinook Centre with all of its’ boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and retail outlets tied together right across Meadowview Road. The downtown core is never far off for residents with it being only six kilometres away, and with direct access provided by Elbow Drive and MacLeod Trail, it makes for a quick trip. The properties for sale in the area are all single-family detached homes with a small single-digit percentage of them being used for renting.

Public school students that live in the Meadowlark Park area regularly attend Chinook Park elementary, Elboya elementary and junior high, and Henry Wise Wood senior high school. Catholic school students attend St. Augustine elementary and junior high, as well as Bishop Grandin senior high school. These schools are all located within a very short commute to Meadowlark Park.

The area has many amenities – far too many to list. With it being halfway between the Calgary Golf and Country Club, the hospital, and the surrounding Glenmore Reservoir, this community’s properties are popular among new Calgary residents due to the high likelihood of an increase in property value due to these characteristics. The Chinook Centre provides the residents of Meadowlark Park the opportunity to browse a variety of businesses and further down the Glenmore Trail are other cafes, restaurants, and stores that serve the greater Calgary community.

Calgary Transit provides transportation to residents of Meadowlark Park through stops that line all four borders of the neighborhood.

Meadowlark Park has the privilege of containing properties that are proving to be sustainable long-term investments for the reasons mentioned above. With green spaces nearby, quality recreational facilities, and a diverse company of citizens that ranges from professionals to retirees to young families, Meadowlark Park residents are treated to a high quality of life and are fortunate to enjoy a low cost of living, the abundance of nature that occupies the neighborhood’s far west, and recreational activities that appeal to all demographics. Welcome to newcomers, one and all, Meadowlark Park makes for a great place to live.