Originally established as recently as 1982, Millrise is a suburban residential community in the southwest of the city of Calgary. It is located slightly south of the Fish Creek Provincial Park with MacLeod Trail to its’ east, Shawnessy Boulevard to the south, and James McKevitt Road to the west. Many of its’ near 7,000 residents enjoy the predominantly single-family residential theme of the neighborhood. The community is lucky enough to be in close proximity to the C-Train LRT with Millrise being served by the Fish Creek-Lacombe station. Residents regularly enjoy the small-town feel of the area while still being close enough to major transportation routes to reach other areas of the city including the downtown core, which is located a fair bit away from Millrise.

Public school students of Millrise are assigned to attend Eugene Coste elementary, Harold Panabaker junior high, Elboya junior high, and Centennial senior high school. The Catholic school district has the Our Lady Of Peace elementary and junior high conveniently placed directly within Millrise allowing Catholic students a chance to walk to and from school within minutes. Upon graduation at Our Lady Of Peace, Catholic school students are then delegated to attend Bishop O’Byrne senior high school.

With Millrise in close proximity to the Fish Creek Provincial Park and with parks located all throughout the neighborhood, the community has a commitment to the protection of these green spaces, parks, and trails that run through Millrise and bordering communities. Other amenities within Millrise include a Sobeys grocery store in its’ southeast. Continuing further down MacLeod Trail are many opportunities to browse through retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses including those at the Shawnessy shopping centre.

Along with the C-Train LRT that runs through Millrise, Calgary Transit has also set up bus stops that line Shawnessy Boulevard and James McKevitt Road. There are also stops placed along the inside artery of Millrise Drive which intersects through the middle of the neighborhood.

With major investments in parks, trails, and other green spaces, Millrise promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

Millrise is a family-oriented neighborhood that provides its’ residents the opportunity to raise a family and keep a little privacy to themselves away from the hustle of the downtown core.