Trendy to the highest degree, Mission is located immediately east of 4th avenue and directly south of 17th avenue. Originally established in 1875 by a Catholic missionary who was hoping to preserve a strong French-speaking Catholic community, it progressively became overwhelmingly English which led to it being annexed to the city of Calgary in 1907. With a deep history, Mission is a popular neighborhood among those looking for a low cost of living but at the same time, a great place to live that provides immediate access to downtown. With restaurants that populate Mission and its’ nearest surroundings, it is a popular spot for those interested in arts, entertainment, and culture. It is the home to the largest street festival in Calgary, the Lilac Festival, which brings in an estimated 120,000 every year. Mission currently has an area redevelopment plan in place to ensure appropriate growth and infrastructure is in place for the years to come. Currently, the far majority of the properties contained within Mission are either apartments or condominiums with the majority of these being used for renting.

Public school students of the area attend Rideau Park elementary and junior high, and Western Canada senior high school while Catholic school students attend St. Monica elementary and junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school.

Calgary Transit has carefully placed stops along 4th street, 25th avenue, and 17th avenue which allows its’ residents a low cost way to travel through to other destinations in the city.

There are countless amenities directly inside of, nearby, and all around Mission. It is the home of the Talisman Centre, it’s near to the Calgary Stampede, and with all the retail shops that populate the area, cut between restaurants, cafes, and commercial or corporate offices, Mission is an attractive community to those looking to be in the centre of all the amenities that downtown Calgary provides.

Mission is not only a community on the rise but it’s a neighborhood already in the spotlight.