Located south of the escarpment that runs along Cameron and Royal, Upper Mount Royal is a neighborhood of indefinite beauty. One of Calgary’s wealthiest neighborhoods, the community was originally an enclave to the city’s American-born business elite when it was founded in the early 1900’s. Upper Mount Royal contains some of the city’s most expensive estates with the majority of the properties here being single-family detached homes. With a population of 2,500 residents, Upper Mount Royal is one of Calgary’s more exclusive neighborhoods with many benefits relating to its’ location to the downtown core, employment opportunities, and to the city’s major green spaces.

Public school students of this neighborhood are served well by Earl Grey elementary, Mount Royal junior high, and Western Canada senior high school. Meanwhile, Catholic school students are also accommodated appropriately with nearby educational facilities such as the St. Monica elementary and junior high, St. Michael junior high, and Bishop Carroll senior high school.

There is an assortment of nearby amenities which serve the community well. There is currently an area redevelopment plan in place for the entire Mount Royal neighborhood which is sure to benefit the community in future years to come. Upper Mount Royal is a short walk away from the downtown core which makes the neighborhood a desired one for those that work in the busier parts of Calgary.

There are also a handful of parks located within Upper Mount Royal including Earl Grey Park and Champlain Park which make for a great place to enjoy a little bit of sunshine.

Along with being as close as the community is to the downtown area, if a residents wishes to visit other parts of the city, transportation is never an issue for residents of Mount Royal. With over a dozen stops set up throughout by Calgary Transit, this allows for an easy ride to wherever a resident needs to be within the city.

Mount Royal is a neighborhood that allows its’ residents a sense of privacy and anonymity among the hustle-and-bustle atmosphere of the downtown core.

The properties here are a little more expensive than those of other neighborhoods but with good reason.

For all that the community provides, nearly within arm’s reach, it is well worth it for its’ residents.