With its’ boundaries of Nose Hill Park and 14th Street at its’ west/northwest, John Laurie Boulevard at its’ south, and Egerts Park at its’ east, the North Haven neighbourhood was originally developed in the 1960s and 1970s. The sloping topography south of Nose Hill Park allows for some beautiful views from a number of locations here in North Haven. It is this proximity to Nose Hill Park and Calgary’s pathway system that is enjoyed by many of the area’s residents. North Haven has a population of 2,300 living in this primarily low density residential neighbourhood.

Public school students attend North Haven’s own elementary school before graduating to Colonel Irvine junior high and James Fowler senior high school. Meanwhile Catholic school students attend Corpus Christi elementary, St. Helena junior high, and Notre Dame senior high school.

There are several bus stops that Calgary Transit has set up throughout North Haven to accommodate residents, which makes getting out to other areas of the city a cinch!

North Haven residents have an affinity for the green spaces offered to them nearby but these aren’t the only amenities within a short distance of the neighbourhood. Though North Haven is a fair distance away from the downtown core, the downtown area can be reached easily via a direct route through 14th Street. It is precisely this distance that makes the neighbourhood as attractive as it is. It is very much a small town within the borders of a bigger city. With North Haven, you still get the modern edge and the vibrant past of Calgary while having a more residential environment to come home to at the end of the day. Feel it in the architecture, the parks, and the history that has survived throughout the years in North Haven.

Choosing a new property tells a lot of things about a person. It not only tells of the journey it took to get there but about the time you will spend in the years to come – this is the same mentality that North Haven takes on. For some, it’s a destination in a long line of destination and that’s all it is. For many though, it’s home. Whether you’re a family, a senior, or a young professional, North Haven is intriguing to all ages for these reasons.