Originally established in 1912, the residential neighborhood of Ogden combines the districts of Lynnwood and the Millican Estates to form this beautiful southeast Calgary community. Ogden is tucked in between the Glenmore Trail to the south, the Deerfoot Trail and the Bow River to the west, Old Refinery Park to the north, and the CPR tracks to the east. With the industrial area nearby, Ogden is a prime neighborhood for anyone employed in the local area. The community maintains a population of nearly 9,000 residents spread across 3,800 different properties with approximately 30% of these being rented. One of Calgary’s oldest neighborhoods, Ogden is a historic neighborhood known far and wide as the home of CPR activity in the city.

Public school students in Ogden attend Banting and Best Elementary, Sherwood Junior High, and Central Memorial Senior High or Western Canada Senior High School depending on where a student is located in the neighborhood. Catholic school students attend St. Bernadette Elementary, St. Augustine Junior High, and Bishop Grandin Senior High School.

There are a wide range of amenities that are spread throughout Ogden and the surrounding area – complete with everything from the historic Ogden Hotel to numerous restaurants and strip malls as well as a generous amount of open space near the Bow River Valley and abroad. Ogden benefits from an outdoor pool as well as Jack Setter’s Arena – both run by the local Millican-Ogden community association. The neighborhood’s residents enjoy the benefits of these amenities as well as the many others that are located throughout southeastern Calgary.

Calgary Transit offers over a dozen stops throughout Ogden to assist residents in finding their way to other areas of the city at an affordable cost.

Ogden is a prized neighborhood with several benefits to its name that have meant that its property value has continued to grow in the past few years. With CP Rail choosing to relocate their corporate head offices to Ogden, this promises to reinvigorate the century-old rail yard serving to further add to the value of the community. The neighborhood grants access to some of the city’s finest green spaces, major routeways to gain entry to downtown Calgary, and is a historic piece of Calgary’s past, present, and future. Simply put, Ogden is an area where residents are welcome to settle and experience what Calgary old and new has to offer.