Originally established in 1967, Palliser, Calgary was named after an early explorer and geographer of western Canada by the name of John Palliser. In accompaniment with a botanist, a doctor, an astronomer, and an artillery officer turned naturalist, John Palliser led an expedition to survey to mass of land between Lake Superior and the Pacific Ocean. Due to Palliser’s integral part in Alberta history, his name also adorns the Palliser Mountain Range near Banff as well as the stately Palliser Hotel. With 90th avenue to its’ north, 19th street to its’ east, Southland Drive to the south, and 24th street to the west, Palliser has now become a community of just over 3,000 residents with nearly half of its’ properties comprising of condominiums or apartments.

The Nellie McClung elementary school is located in Palliser – an exceptional bonus for those with young children just reaching the elementary age. After graduation at Nellie McClung, public school students are then assigned to attend John Ware junior high and Henry Wise Wood senior high school. Additionally, Catholic school students attend St. Benedict elementary, St. Cyril junior high, and Bishop Grandin senior high school.

Palliser is linked by a pathway to the Glenmore Reservoir, just north of the community. There are many recreational amenities here that appeal to the whole family. From boat docks, to hiking trails, to the Heritage Park Historical Village, there are plenty of opportunities here for all residents to take in.

A neighborhood surrounded by nature, Palliser doesn’t have much to offer in the form of commercial businesses nearby. For those in need of groceries or a shopping centre to browse, a few minutes down Southland Drive and then a left exit on MacLeod will lead a driver, within minutes, to a multitude of different restaurants, shops, grocers, and small businesses.

The City of Calgary has accommodated Palliser’s far-out location well with over two dozen bus stops that line the neighborhood’s borders as well as those on Palliser Drive and on 98th avenue.

Palliser has properties that are a little more affordable than those in neighbouring communities. It is a little further out from the downtown core than one would normally expect and for those that enjoy the pulse of the city, this is the sort of neighborhood that would go underappreciated to them.

This is a neighborhood for those looking for more of a small town vibe and the opportunity for a quiet, peaceful lifestyle away from the busier parts of Calgary.