Tucked in between Memorial Drive to the north, 68th Street to the east, 52nd Street to the west, and International Avenue to the south, the community of Penbrooke Meadows acts as home to over 8,500 Calgarians. Originally established in 1969, the neighborhood is found in Calgary’s southeast near to amenities such as Elliston Regional Park among several green spaces nearby and all the businesses that line 17th Avenue. Roughly 30% of the properties in Penbrooke Meadows are used for renting purposes while only 3% of the overall properties in the community are condominiums or apartments.

Public school students of Penbrooke Meadows attend Penbrooke Meadows elementary, James Short Memorial elementary, G. W. Skene elementary, Ernest Morrow junior high, and Forest Lawn senior high school while Catholic school students are assigned to attend the nearby St. Peter elementary, Bishop Kidd junior high, and Father Lacombe senior high school.

The area benefits close proximity to busier parts of Calgary via the major traffic routes that surround Penbrooke Meadows. There are several employment opportunities available not only in these areas but also in the industrial parks that are located within a very short distance of Penbrooke Meadows. The community is often looked at as an opportunity for those looking at an affordable place to live while remaining close to the downtown area as well as other popular parts of the city.

Calgary Transit has over a dozen stops set up in the grid of Penbrooke Meadows which assists residents who need to get to other areas of the city.

Penbrooke Meadows combines the gleam of the downtown core alongside more residential concepts in city planning and green space designed to attract a more family-based atmosphere. The sleekness of downtown Calgary is only a few moments away from Penbrooke Meadows which makes it easy for residents to get in and out without hassle. There are several international residents in the neighborhood as its conditions have attracted residents from all walks of life. Penbrooke Meadows is sure to offer the accommodations one needs in order to ensure their property  is well protected in terms of value while giving you, the property owner, the chance to explore everything that Calgary has to offer.