One of four neighborhoods that comprise of what Calgary residents like to call “The Properties”, the neighborhood of Pineridge is found at the eastern edge of the city. Located amidst 32nd Avenue to the North, 52nd Street to the West, the Trans-Canada Highway to the south, and 68th Avenue to the east, the Properties were originally established in Calgary in 1974. Since then, Pineridge has gone from what once was just another parcel of land displaying a prairie landscape to home for nearly 10,000 residents. Among numerous amenities available to the residents of Pineridge, there are several commercial and industrial areas that surround the neighborhood which allows for those living within close proximity to benefit from the employment opportunities here.

Public school students of Pineridge are assigned to attend Pineridge elementary, Douglas Harkness elementary, Clarence Sansom junior high, and Lester B. Pearson senior high school. Meanwhile Catholic school students are assigned to attend St. Patrick elementary, St. Martha junior high, and Father Lacombe senior high school.

In addition to the immediate commercial and industrial opportunities available around Pineridge, there are a handful of major transportation routes that make it easy for residents to get nearly anywhere in the city. The Village Square Leisure Centre as well as several prominent green spaces are set up within the borders of Pineridge. As a part of “The Properties”, Pineridge is well insulated in a residential area with several restaurants and commercial spots that populate the local area here and there.

Calgary Transit has over a dozen stops on various routes through Pineridge and residents are always encouraged to take advantage of city transportation which are offered at an affordable rate for all residents.

Pineridge residents are able to indulge in the various opportunities that lay in the downtown part of the city while still having a safe place to come home to every night. The signature experience in this part of Calgary is one that is highly valued by its very diverse collection of residents. With Pineridge, one gets an affordable place to call home as well as access to major transportation routes and employment. There are few areas of Calgary that offer as much as what is found in Pineridge. Purchasing a property in Pineridge is ensuring that, as a Calgary resident, you can enjoy all of what Calgary has to offer while not breaking the bank on property expenses.