Caught on the inside of John Laurie Boulevard to its’ north, the Sarcee Trail to its’ east, the Crowchild Trail to its’ south, and Nose Hill Drive to its’ west, the neighborhood of Ranchlands sits quietly. Originally established as a Calgary community in 1977, Ranchlands got its’ name from the heritage of ranching that was common to the foothill region this neighborhood was made from. The single family dwellings that make up Ranchlands are home to over 7,500 residents.

Public school students are fortunate to be able to attend Ranchlands Community elementary school before moving on to finish their public education at H.D. Cartwright junior high, Robert Thirsk senior high, and William Aberhart senior high school.  Catholic school students benefit from having St. Rita elementary school within the boundaries of Ranchlands and upon graduation, these students are assigned to attend St. Jean Brebeuf junior high and St. Francis senior high school.

The neighbourhood’s northwest Calgary location benefits from the amount of green space in its surrounding area with the Bowmont Park Natural area and Nose Hill Park both only a few communities over. Ranchlands lies quite a distance away from the downtown area though it is easily accessible via Crowchild Trail which acts as a direct route.

Calgary Transit has over a dozen stops set up throughout the community on Ranchview Drive, Ranchlands Boulevard, and Ranchero Drive to allow residents the opportunity to visit anywhere in the city via Calgary’s transit systems.

The neighborhood of Ranchlands is an optimal place for Calgarians to live, work, and invest – the community association always welcomes the input of residents to further improve the community’s potential. The City of Calgary has partnered with all of its’ neighbourhoods such including Ranchlands in order to create safe and vibrant communities all throughout the city. Ranchlands has all the tools and support to build a resilient, healthy neighborhood far into the future. Ranchlands act as an important thread in Calgary’s historically-rich and culturally diverse city. Come and join Ranchlands to find out more about its’ charm as it now acts as home to more than 7,500 residents.