Consisting primarily of residential residences with no major commercial or industrial interference, Renfrew is a neighborhood carrying its’ own small town vibe unlike those found elsewhere in Calgary. With a population of just under 6,000, Renfrew’s set south of the Trans-Canada Highway and bordered to the east by the Nose Hill Creek as well as the Deerfoot Trail. Edmonton Trail, its’ westernmost border, acts as a direct route to the downtown area to ensure residents quick and easy access to the opportunities available at the heart of  the city. The land was first developed for residential use in the 1940s after its’ use throughout the Second World War as a Royal Canadian Air Force training base and airfield. It is now a highly desirable as a front door to all that Calgary has to offer with an abundance of housing options, a thriving arts & cultural community, and easy access to a variety of exceptional recreational facilities and green spaces.

Public school students attend Stanley Jones elementary, Colonel MacLeod junior high, and Crescent Heights senior high school while Catholic school students attend St. Alphonsus elementary and junior high as well as St. Mary’s or St. Francis’ senior high school depending on where they may be situated in the community.

The neighborhood does not have an abundance of green space due to its’ proximity to the downtown area though it does benefit from a number of athletic facilities including a full-sized football field, the Boys & Girls Club, a swimming pool, skating rinks, and soccer fields. There are several well-known Calgary restaurants located within Renfrew’s borders including Boogies Burgers, the sustainably sources seafood restaurant Big Fish, and OEB Breakfast Co. There are several commercial zones surrounding Renfrew including the shops located along Edmonton Trail and Centre Street, 16th Avenue to its’ north and west, and across the bridge in Mayland Heights. Only 3,000 metres away, the downtown heart of Calgary can be easily accessed by city transit, bike, automobile, or within a short walk.

Calgary Transit has numerous bus stops set up throughout the inner grid of Renfrew which gives residents easy transportation to wherever they choose to venture in the city.

Ever since its’ development in the 1940’s, Renfrew has very much been a reactionary community to Calgary’s vision.  Built on top of some of Calgary’s proudest history, Renfrew has been a haven for Calgarians across the city. Many of these residents, of this city and others, won’t ever call another place home – Renfrew is the destination. Enjoy the easy access to the city while still owning a property in a neighborhood where everybody can feel at home. Ultimately, Renfrew is a neighborhood of families, seniors, and individuals that enjoy all the amenities that the neighborhood can provide – don’t be left out. Find out more about living in Renfrew today.