With the Crowchild Trail that cuts right down its’ middle, the neighborhood of Richmond is known as one of Calgary’s older communities with the majority of its’ development having occurred throughout the 1950’s. The community currently has an area redevelopment plan in place that will guarantee further development to keep the area vital to the city around it. With a population of just under 4,500 residents living in Richmond/Knob Hill, the majority of the properties in the area are single family detached homes. The residents of Richmond have direct access to the pathway system that weaves its’ way through the city as well as being a beneficiary to its’ close location to the Southwest Regional Park, the Richmond Green golf course, and the commercial area of the Marda Loop which is only a short walk away from Richmond.

Public school students of the area regularly attend Richmond elementary, A.E. Cross junior high, Mount Royal junior high, Central Memorial senior high, and Western Canada senior high – which school the students attends is based on which side of the Crowchild Child they fall on. Catholic school students attend St. Andrew elementary, St. Gregory elementary and junior high, and Bishop Carroll senior high school. Located right in Richmond, there are also a # of private chartered schools that Calgarians from all over the city attend.

One of the many amenities found in the Richmond/Knob Hill area is the newly-built community centre which offers a variety of recreational activities to its’ residents.

The Naval Museum of Alberta, a part of The Military Museums, is also found here in the neighborhood.

Calgary Transit has bus stops that line all four borders of the community which afford residents a low cost alternative to travelling throughout the city.

Richmond/Knob Hill is a bargain for its’ residents who wish to live somewhere with a deep history to it. It’s in a location where a resident doesn’t need to go downtown to enjoy what the city has to offer with restaurants, small businesses, shops, and job opportunities all populating nearby main streets. More importantly, it’s a community with a heart, a pull, and it’s in the exact spot where any Calgarian would want to be – close enough to the city but far enough from the hustle to enjoy the simple pleasures of a cup of coffee, a newspaper, and a little fresh air.