Riverbend Community Information

Appropriately named, Riverbend began as an idea in developing the escarpment and upland plain of the Bow River floodplain. Originally established in 1982, this neighborhood is now home to nearly 10,000 residents spread across 3,500 properties with the vast majority of these residents having spent decades in Riverbend. The community is sectioned off with Glenmore Trail to the north, 24th Street to the east, and Deerfoot Trail to the west. The southeastern part of Calgary is primarily a family-friendly residential district with very little commercial development outside of the designated areas. Therefore Riverbend is very accommodating to family, seniors, and young professionals who are looking for a quiet escape from the downtown vibe.

Riverbend’s public school students have the added benefit of having Riverbend Elementary right in their own community. Upon graduation there, they move on to attend Sherwood Junior High and then Central Memorial Senior High School. Meanwhile Catholic school students are afforded a similar luxury with Holy Angels Elementary being found between Riverbend’s borders. After finishing their studies there, Catholic students proceed to St. Augustine Junior High and Bishop Grandin Senior High School.

This unique community combines three distinct landscapes – floodplain, escarpment, and upland plain – to form a neighborhood unlike any other in Calgary. Offering an excellent view of the Rocky Mountains as well as the wooded flood plains, the community is also conveniently located near Glenmore Trail, Barlow Trail, and Deerfoot Trail – all major routeways that can be used to navigate some of Calgary’s more popular parts. This combination of green space alongside access to other parts of Calgary is what makes Riverbend as attractive as it is. One gets to live in a residential district where they are protected from much of the noise of downtown Calgary – at the same time, they have access to those busier aspects whenever they choose to venture that way.

Calgary Transit has several bus stops located throughout Riverbend in order to assist residents in getting to other parts of the city

The neighborhood’s many green spaces offer Riverbend residents many recreational opportunities as well as the chance to explore Calgary’s extensive pathway system. There’s something for every age group and every demographic in the Riverbend area. The Riverbend community association are very active in providing programs to residents and in maintaining many of the amenities that occupy the neighborhood. Simply put, Riverbend offers the perfect middle ground between Calgary’s unspoiled wilderness and the vibrant modern amenities that occupy some of Calgary’s busier areas