Travel to the City of Calgary’s extreme northwest and at the tip of what one will find is the residential neighborhood of Rocky Ridge. It’s the edge of the city where this small community has acquired a certain charm quite unlike what’s found in the downtown heart of Calgary. The Crowchild Trail acts as a way in and out of the main city grid but Rocky Ridge is used as an escape for its’ 7,500 residents that call it home. Originally established in 1998, this expanding area is still undergoing development as more residents choose to settle in within the nearby area. The primary feature of Rocky Ridge is it containing the highest point in all of Calgary at a height of 1,265 metres or 4,150 feet. The properties available in Rocky Ridge are exclusively single-family detached homes with a very small percentage used for renting. This is an ideal community for a young family or a couple of young professionals looking to establish a home for themselves separate from the get-up-and-go attitude of downtown Calgary.

Public school students attend the nearby Royal Oak elementary and/or Belvedere-Parkway elementary, Simon Fraser junior high and/or Thomas B. Riley junior high, and Robert Thirsk senior high or Bowness senior high. Catholic school students attend St. Maria Goretti elementary, St. Jean Brebeuf junior high, and St. Francis or St. Timothy senior high school.

The landscape of Rocky Ridge preserves the natural land that surrounds it including the wetlands, woods, and ridge that overlooks the Rocky Mountains. The exquisite community has environmentally sensitive wet ponds spread throughout the houses and pathways of Rocky Ridge & the neighbouring Royal Oak. With a wide array of green space, an environmental reserve, and a pathway system that winds its’ way throughout the neighborhood, it’s easy for one to forget that they’re still in Calgary.

Calgary Transit does provide several stops throughout the community in an effort to help give residents that don’t own a vehicle, the opportunity to visit anywhere they wish to in the city via the city’s transit system.

With its’ welcoming views, the warmth of the ground beneath your feet, and the strength that comes from the trees that surrounds Rocky Ridge, this is a neighborhood with a touch unlike any other place in Calgary. The Rocky Mountain views rise up from the horizon and the elegance of the street design is enough to take residents from city living back to the living seen in a small town. Where you’re surrounded by trees and far from the worries that come with downtown city living, Rocky Ridge is a residential environment that everyone can be proud of. These are just a few of the reasons why residents love to call Rocky Ridge their home. Visit today.