With its’ affordable cost of living, a wide array of leisure amenities offered within its’ proximity, and the necessary resources nearby that will assist you in living an enriched life, the neighborhood of Rosedale is located immediately east of SAIT Polytechnic, south of the Trans-Canada Highway, and just north of McHugh Bluff Park. Its’ central location along the north escarpment of the Bow River Valley makes it a desirable location for those looking for property near to Calgary’s riverside pathway system. Just over 20% of the properties in the area are available for renting as Rosedale is found amongst the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Alberta College of Art, the Jubilee Auditorium, as well as the L.R.T. system.

Public school students are afforded the luxury of attending Rosedale’s own elementary and junior high before graduating on to finish their public education at Crescent Heights senior high school. Catholic school students attend St. Joseph’s elementary and junior high as well as St. Mary’s or St. Francis senior high school depending on where they are situated in Rosedale.

Originally established in the 1930s, Rosedale has grown to accommodate over 1,500 residents with a reported median household income of $78,067. Residents enjoy the area for its’ unique proximity to the downtown area, some of Calgary’s finest green space, and to the educational facilities situated through neighbouring communities. Nowhere else in Calgary will you find this unique combination than here in Rosedale.

Transportation is made easy with over a dozen Calgary Transit stops set up throughout the city to bring residents to other parts of the city at a moment’s notice. Wherever you are in Rosedale, you’re always within walking distance of  a Calgary Transit stop. For those that own a vehicle, 10th Street acts as an instant gateway to the downtown area and the southern parts of the city. Rosedale’s location to major routes directly accessing other important parts of the city is another major attraction to those looking at properties in the area.

A vibrant neighborhood, prices of Rosedale properties are extremely affordable meaning that you can own your home without it owning you. With its’ proximity to what surrounds it, you can build your career on your own terms here in Rosedale. There are enough amenities to tempt you to take a look and consider the option at the very least. Many have stayed as permanent residents and with good reason. Rosedale remains committed to providing access to what residents need in order to contribute to the success of not only Calgary but to them individually. That’s why residents invest in Rosedale and why it’s just a taste of what life in Rosedale has to offer.