If one were to take the Crowchild Trail to Calgary’s extreme north-western tip before it’s evident that one has left city limits, one would find the quiet community of Royal Oak. Originally established in 1998, the Royal Oak neighborhood is still in its’ development though has since gone on to become home for 11,500 high income residents that maintain a small town feel throughout. With less than 5% of the housing in Royal Oak used for renting, it is a popular area for new families who are looking to establish a home for themselves in Calgary but not necessarily within the inner city. Royal Oak contains a unique mix of single family detached homes, apartment complexes, and several townhouses that mean a wide range of properties for not only families but for seniors and young professionals as well who share the same values that the community perpetuates.

Royal Oak public school students are assigned to attend Royal Oak elementary, Simon Fraser junior high, Robert Thirsk senior high, and Bowness senior high. Catholic school students that live in the area attend St. Maria Goretti elementary, St. Jean Brebeuf junior high, and St. Francis or St. Timothy’s senior high school.

The neighborhood, along with Rocky Ridge next door, is still in the process of development as new businesses and new properties continue to be erected within its’ limits. Many residents have chosen to set up their lives here in Royal Oak primarily due to the distance that sits between the community and the busier parts of Calgary including the downtown core. The Crowchild Trail provides access to these areas of the city including acting as a direct route to the University of Calgary among other amenities however it is the wilderness the tucks in Royal Oak that brings its’ charm to life.

Preserving the wetlands, the woods, and a ridge that overlooks the Rocky Mountains, Royal Oak has been uniquely preserved with properties build surrounding environmentally sensitive wet ponds that curve amongst the pathways of the neighborhood. There are several parks and lots designed to help cater to the family atmosphere that the community upholds with the majority of homeowners here being parents setting up a future for their growing Calgary families.

Calgary Transit has several bus stops set up throughout the community to give residents the chance to voyage to anywhere they so desire within the limits of Calgary.

Royal Oak has built a network of residents for itself that are comprised of families, seniors, and young professionals alike that enjoy taking advantage of its’ unique location. The neighborhood is packed with environmental and green amenities that appeal to the explorer in all of us. It is scenic, it is private, and it is an ocean of nature that sits in between the properties constructed here in Royal Oak. All are welcome to try the tempting charm of Royal Oak – after the fact, very few will want to try anything else.