With a population of 6,000 residents that occupy properties in the area, Sandstone Valley is found in between Berkshire Boulevard to its’ south, the Beddington Trail to its’ east, Country Hills Boulevard to its’ north, and 14th Street to its’ west. This low density residential neighborhood offers residents the outdoor recreational opportunities of the nearby Nose Hill Park and on the city’s pathway system. Primarily consisting of single family detached homes, less than 9% of these are used for renting. Sandstone Valley is one of Calgary’s newer developments with newer properties in the area being completed only within the past few years though the community was originally established in 1982.

Sandstone Valley’s public school students attend the nearby Simons Valley elementary, Simon Fraser junior high, and Queen Elizabeth senior high schools while Catholic school students are afforded the opportunity to attend Monsignor Anderson elementary, St. Helena junior high, and Notre Dame senior high school.

Located immediately north of Nose Hill Park, Sandstone Valley residents have the opportunity to explore the local park all within walking distance – the amount of green space here is no doubt a theme that plays into the design of the neighborhood itself with several parks set up throughout. There are a number of restaurants, commercial businesses, and the Country Hills Golf Club all nearby for residents to enjoy. Downtown Calgary can be easily accessed simply by taking a few turns off the Beddington Trail.

Calgary Transit has a number of stops set up throughout Sandarac Drive and Sandstone Drive that allow residents anywhere in the Sandstone Valley community to catch a bus to anywhere they want to travel within the confines of Calgary.

Found at the north-eastern tip of Nose Hill Park, Sandstone Valley provides residents with a wide range of opportunities to learn about Calgary’s history, enjoy the local entertainment, and experience the local attractions. Offering a place away from the downtown core and in a quieter part of the city, the neighborhood is nestled in between some of the safest communities in all of the city. Whether you’re looking for access to the city’s unique pathway system or simply searching for a quiet place to rest your head at night, Sandstone Valley is a gift to its’ residents – still, with access to the busier parts of the city when needed. Experience the Sandstone Valley experience in this beautiful neighborhood recalling some of Calgary’s more family-friendly aspects. Visit today.