The inner city residential neighborhood of Scarboro consists of two divided areas that are split by the Crowchild Trail. The single family detached homes found on the east side of the Trail are addressed by the name of Scarboro Hill and the remaining area west of the Trail is officially called Scarboro/Sunalta West. Altogether the boundaries of Scarboro range from 24th street to its’ west, the Bow Trail to its’ North, 17th avenue to its’ south, and 14th street to its’ east. With a population just under 1,400 residents, the neighborhood is well established with the majority of the housing here being detached dwellings. While not the wealthiest neighborhood in Calgary, the vast majority of residents enjoy a mid-to-high level of income as evidenced by the quality of properties available. The land was originally owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway until it was annexed to the city of Calgary which then approved of the subdivision plans that followed 1910 and 1911 respectively. As was the case then, there is a restrictive covenant placed on lots in Scarboro which restricts uses that are in conflict with the residential nature of this community.

Due to the divided nature of the neighborhood, school students of Scarboro are known to attend different schools depending on which side of the Crowchild Trail one may fall under. Public school students in Scarboro Hill attend Sunalta elementary, Mount Royal junior high, and Western Canada senior high school while those in the Scarboro/Sunalta West region attend Alex Ferguson elementary, Mount Royal junior high, and Western Canada senior high school. Catholic school students in Scarboro Hill attend St. Monica elementary and junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school while those in Scarboro/Sunalta West area assigned to Sacred Heart elementary, St. Monica’s junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school.

The neighborhood is extremely close to the downtown core of Calgary and the downtown can easily be reached off of any of Scarboro’s four border streets. There are no shortages of work opportunities here with a variety of commercial spaces, corporate businesses, restaurants, hotels, and small businesses set up throughout the downtown area. There are also a # of monthly family-oriented events held by the local community association.

Calgary Transit has a # of bus stops located along 17th avenue that offer a resident the opportunity to travel anywhere in the city just by taking a trip down to the neighborhood’s most southern border.

Despite its’ geographical division, Scarboro is still in fact a tight-knit community that is acts as a quiet restful escape nestled in between busier parts of the city. This is a well-established neighborhood known to other parts of Calgary for its’ desirable location and its’ approach to maintaining a sense of community while occupying an area close to the downtown core.

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