One of the premier neighborhoods of the city and recently ranked as the friendliest, Shaganappi is a community of just over 1,500 people set among a diverse collection of properties here. First established in 1949, it’s a neighborhood built on land that was originally used as meeting ground for the Cree which is where the name’s origins hail from. Maintaining a beautiful modern landscape, the community also holds the distinction of being Calgary’s first to have trees planted and tended to by a hired horticulturalist. The Shaganappi Park is popular among residents for its’ children’s playground, tennis courts, fire pit, and for community events. Throughout the year, several events are held to generate proceeds that contribute towards flooding part of the park in the wintertime thus turning it into a hockey rink for residents to enjoy.

Public school students are assigned to attend the local Alex Ferguson elementary, Mount Royal junior high, and Western Canada senior high school while Catholic school students are meant to attend the nearby St. Michael elementary and junior high, and Bishop Carroll senior high school.

The bike paths along the Bow River are within a few blocks and the Bow Trail itself allows residents a direct route to the downtown core. Either through a commute or by bike, downtown Calgary is always conveniently close.

The Shaganappi golf and country club is located within the community and is popular among Calgarians.

Also in the neighborhood is what is referred to as the “coulee”, a former campsite for Cree and Blackfoot. This is maintained as a natural area that houses a spring, brush, dirt bridge, as well as flora and fauna.

Shaganappi is fortunate with its’ very own LRT station right next to it. The Westbrook LRT station is located immediately west. For those with schedules that don’t necessarily correlate with the C-Train, Calgary Transit has over two dozen stops along both the Bow Trail and 17th avenue.

The neighborhood is one that is not only highly valued by the city of Calgary as it was recently voted one of the top 15 communities in the city but it is also held in high esteem by its’ residents. A great location that is minutes away from downtown allows its’ residents a short commute to work and the ability to keep the rhythm from the city in their home lives. Shaganappi also makes a notable effort to retain its’ community feel and this is evident in the way neighbours conduct themselves. If there ever was a neighborhood that could be considered Calgary’s best, Shaganappi may be it.