As a residential community found in the southwest quadrant of Calgary, Shawnee Slopes can be found tucked away in between James McKevitt Road to the south, MacLeod Trail to the east, Fish Creek Provincial Park to the north, and Evergreen Street to its’ west. Built on prairie land, development of the region began in 1986. The northern section of Evergreen – otherwise known as Evergreen Estates – has close ties with Shawnee Slopes, even going as far as to share the same community association. Currently, with a population of just over 1,500 residents, that number is about to grow significantly as city council has approved plans to begin the redevelopment of what used to be the Shawnee Slopes Golf Course to include up to 1,400 homes to the community. This exciting new development is expected to begin in fall 2013.

Public school students in the area are assigned to attend the Eugene Coste elementary, Harold Panabaker junior high, and the Centennial senior high school while Catholic school students are meant to attend the Our Lady of Peace elementary and junior high as well as Bishop O’Byrne senior high school.

Residents of the Shawnee Slopes neighborhood enjoy direct access to downtown Calgary through Macleod Trail which acts as a perpendicular gateway to that part of the city. There is also the added benefit of being in close proximity to the varied recreational activities found within the Fish Creek Provincial Park. Shawnee Slopes’ unique location allows residents the opportunity to explore what the greener parts of Calgary has to offer while still being near enough to be able to make for a quick getaway to the downtown area when needed. Furthermore, there are a multitude of shopping opportunities that aren’t to be missed as one drives north up Macleod Trail.

Any part of Calgary is accessible to residents of the Shawnee Slopes neighborhood as Calgary Transit has over a dozen stops set along James McKevitt Road and Shawnee Drive. Additionally, one may take advantage of the Calgary LRT line with the Shawnee station that can be found to the immediate northeast of the community.

A neighborhood of higher-income residents, this community provides a great location for those whose work is based out of the downtown area. It also allows for a great escape from that hustle and bustle, and into a greener, quieter, and more family-oriented neighborhood that resembles a small town more than a suburb of a large city such as Calgary.