Originally established in 1914 with developments beginning in the early 1950s, the neighborhood of South Calgary is tucked in the grid south of 26th Avenue, west of 14th Street, east of 20th Street, and north of 34th Avenue. With a population of over 3,700 residents, the community is well kept with an outdoor swimming pool, a community hall, and several parks to take in. The South Calgary neighborhood is presently undergoing a major redevelopment, which promises to accentuate the community’s unique history while ensuring that the area is committed to providing opportunity for its’ residents far into the future.

The public school students of the area are assigned to attend the nearby Glamorgan elementary and junior high, and Henry Wise Wood senior high school. Meanwhile, Catholic school students are designated to attend Sacred Heart elementary, St. Monica junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school.

With the Crowchild Trail located immediately west of South Calgary, residents have a way to travel to nearly anywhere in the city through this route. The downtown core is accessible through these means as well as through its’ eastern border of 14th street. Calgary Transit has stops that line the northern, southern, and eastern borders giving residents the opportunity to visit friends, take a shopping trip, or enjoy a night out on the town anywhere in the city. The Marda Loop Communities Association offers access to the community hall, an outdoor pool, ice rinks, numerous recreational activities for the kids, adult and senior programs, and regular events for the communities of South Calgary, Altadore, Garrison Woods, and Marda Loop.

With its’ uniquely picturesque views of the city and the mountains, South Calgary has a variety of styles of housing which is highly reflective of its’ fifty year development.

South Calgary is expected to grow as more people choose to live and work in the community. Made up of young families, retirees, and professional, the neighborhood is lived in by a wide range of residents who have given priority to ensuring that the area is one that maintains a high quality of life through its’ access to major transportation routes, its’ privacy, and its’ safety.

An active community with a low cost of living, abundant natural green space, free activities, and recreational programming that aims to suit every age, interest, and ability, the residents of South Calgary are well looked after. After all this, it’s easy to see why South Calgary has received top marks by its’ inhabitants.