The very last community in the Greater Forest Lawn Area to be developed, the neighborhood of Southview was originally established in 1950. Existing in between the streets of International Avenue to the north, 36th Street to the east, 26th Avenue to the south, and Bow River to the west, the neighborhood of Southview maintains a population of just under 2,000 residents, seeing a small decrease in population over the past decade. The curvilinear street pattern and street names are characteristic of the period in which the area was developed in the 1950s and 1960s. The area boasts adequate transportation access to the rest of the city including to downtown Calgary.

Public school students in Southview attend West Dover elementary, Ian Bazalgette junior high, and Forest Lawn senior high school while Catholic school students attend the nearby St. Peter or Holy Trinity elementary, Bishop Kidd junior high, and Father Lacombe senior high school.

Southview offers a wide range of benefits including having a direct route to the downtown core via 17th Avenue. The instant access to downtown has brought many young professionals to the area as well as those who enjoy an active downtown-style lifestyle. Southview maintains fantastic views of the city skyline as well as the Bow River Valley corridor and the Rocky Mountains as well.

Offering nearly a dozen stops for residents to take advantage of, Calgary Transit provides affordable transportation for residents to travel to near anywhere in the city.

In a first-class location just east of downtown Calgary, Southview residents have only a short walk to shopping, recreation, parks, and tourist-style sightseeing. Situated in a prime area, the neighborhood is unique in being able to offer these amenities while maintaining a separation due to the river that keeps Southview as its own private community. For those looking to live in central Calgary or to get as close as possible, Southview is without a doubt one of the top options with the large number of opportunities it provides.