Immediately adjacent of downtown Calgary and on the north side of the Bow River, the inner-city neighborhood of Sunnyside can be found. Alongside its’ neighbor, Hillhurst, these two communities are what is commonly referred to as Kensington, a Business Revitalization Zone and where there’s presently an area redevelopment plan in place to assist in bringing the area up to relevance in the modern period. Sunnyside is one of Calgary’s oldest communities and sits on the flood plain of the Bow River. The city continues to build the necessary infrastructure in order to mitigate flooding in Sunnyside, which comprises a part of the redevelopment in process.

Sunnyside is a unique mix of single-family dwellings, modern mid-rise high-density housing, neighborhood corner stores, restaurants, and walk-up apartment buildings. With a population of 3,700 residents living here in Sunnyside, half of Sunnyside residents are below the age of 34 making its’ population some of the youngest and brightest that Calgary has to offer.

Public school students attend the local Sunnyside elementary, Rosedale junior high, Queen Elizabeth junior high, and Crescent Heights senior high school. Catholic school students attend St. Joseph elementary and junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high or St. Francis senior high schools.

Sunnyside is comprised of not only residential housing but is the home to a Safeway, the Sunnyside Market, coffee shops, boutique stores, and many popular restaurants. 14TH Street acts as a major link to the downtown area as well offering a number of commercial opportunities for residents to enjoy.

Calgary Transit has over two dozen steps set up throughout the community to help accommodate residents who don’t own an automobile. Sunnyside also is home to a C-Train station to help further assist those who wish to get anywhere they want in the city within a few minutes.

Sunnyside is one of the Calgary communities that make the city such an unforgettable place to visit and a truly remarkable place to live. Sunnyside offers all the amenities of the greater Calgary area all at the fingertips of residents. Offering easy access to nature and the city’s trail networks as well as a unique mix of commercial opportunities, Sunnyside has that distinct Calgary flavor while still containing the residential network needed to be able to live in a safe & healthy neighborhood.