The neighborhood of Thorncliffe was originally built in 1954 and now comprises of a population of 8,700 residents living between the borders of 64TH Avenue to the north, Deerfoot Trail to the east, McKnight Boulevard to the south, and 14th Street and Nose Hill Park to the west. The community consists of not only a residential grid but also much green space spread out from the centre of the neighborhood down to the southernmost border. This green space includes Thorncliffe Park and Laycock Park. Thorncliffe is located next to the Deerfoot Mall as well as the Calgary International Airport.

Thorncliffe public school students are spread out over a large neighborhood meaning that different students attend different schools. Depending on where a student lives within the residential grid of Thorncliffe, they may attend Thorncliffe elementary or Catherine Nichols Gunn elementary; Sir John A. MacDonald junior high, Georges P. Vanier junior high, or Colonel Irvine junior high; and finally John G. Diefenbaker senior high or James Fowler senior high. Catholic school students however do not face the same issue as they are simply assigned to attend Corpus Christi elementary, St. Helena junior high, and Notre Dame senior high school.

Thorncliffe’s intersecting Centre Street acts as a direct route to the downtown centre of Calgary should one choose to venture that way. The massive Nose Hill Park is easily accessible to the west via 64TH Avenue. The character of the foothills land allows for some majestic views of the surrounding areas while the properties containing within Thorncliffe is predominantly single-family interspersed with duplex dwellings now and again.

Calgary Transit has over two dozen stops set up throughout this community to accommodate residents that wish to travel to other neighborhoods throughout the city or to the downtown core, in only a few minutes or less.

The neighborhood allows a resident their own opportunity at a small town feel within the context of a larger city. Thorncliffe allows for some iconic experiences such as the pathway system via Nose Hill Park – immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Calgary through a property in Thorncliffe. Embark on your own Calgary adventure with a quiet property here in Thorncliffe to come home to at the end of every day. With a property in Thorncliffe and all the amenities that Calgary has to offer a resident, your heart will never want to leave.