The beautiful neighborhood of Tuscany is found in Calgary’s northwest quadrant at the western edge of the city where it is bounded by Crowchild Trail, Stoney Trail, Bearspaw Dam Road, and Twelve Mile Coulee Road. Originally established in 1994, Tuscany now maintains a population of nearly 20,000 residents with the median household income being $92,500. The majority of residential properties in the neighborhood are single family detached homes with less than 3% of housing used for renting. The western edge of Calgary has some of the most desirable properties in all of the city for those looking for a small town feel somewhere that’s a fair ways from the downtown core. With its’ combination of green space and seclusion from the busier aspects of the city, Tuscany is a tribute to the smaller city that Calgary once was decades earlier.

Public school students of Tuscany attend Tuscany elementary, Twelve Mile Coulee elementary and junior high, and Bowness senior high school while Catholic school students attend St. Basil elementary and junior high school before graduating to be assigned to St. Francis or St. Timothy’s senior high school.

For those looking to make it to the downtown centre on a weekly basis, Crowchild Trail is a direct route to the centre of the city. Within the borders of the community, there are a lot of young families set up which gives the parks an exciting family-friendly atmosphere on the weekends. The Tuscany community associations hosts several events year-round and offers many recreational activities for residents to partake. Whether you’re moving here as a couple, a family, or for singles, Tuscany offers the peaceful quiet of a suburban neighborhood while still being within Calgary borders.

Calgary Transit has over a dozen set up throughout Tuscany to assist residents who don’t own a vehicle to travel to other areas of the city within a moment’s notice.

Tuscany is a warm neighborhood to come home to at the end of the day where you can take a bit of that city pressure off. Leave the city downtown and drive back home to Tuscany where one can encounter their own peace of mind. Tuscany has proven to be a community of men and women who have built a beautiful network for residents in the past two decades. Visit Tuscany today to take a look at some of the current properties available to you.