Tucked neatly in between the Bow Trail to its’ north, 24th Street to the west, 17th Avenue to the south, and the major transportation route of the Crowchild Trail to its’ east lies the rich, quiet neighborhood of Upper Scarboro. Well established and one of the more expensive parts of the city, the community accommodates just over 400 residents with the vast majority of these properties being single-family dwellings. The Victorian style houses that extend upwards to the sky, the century old trees that shade front lawns, and the green space that occupies the boulevards are remnants of decades past when Upper Scarboro was first established in the 1910s. Abandoning the traditional grid style of street planning employed in other parts of the city, the neighborhood was designed with streets that curve around larger lots of green space as evidence by what sits on both sides on the Crowchild Trail.

A neighborhood not intimidated by a fight, residents have successfully battled the city for better traffic control over the decades and has led an agenda that allows Upper Scarboro to retain its’ strong sense of community. Modernity and history are entwined together in this small part of the city that Upper Scarboro residents like to call home.

Public school students attend the nearby Sunalta elementary, Glamorgan junior high, and Henry Wise Wood senior high school while the Catholic school students are delegated to the nearby Sacred Heart elementary, St. Monica junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school.

Upper Scarboro is an accomplished community with many different recreational opportunities offered to its’ mix of children, youths, adults, and seniors. Scarberians, as they like to address one another, own some of the most expensive properties in the city. The average selling price of a house in Upper Scarboro in $950,000 but for many residents, the amenities offered to residents is something that one can’t put a price on. The Crowchild Trail is a route that many take to travel the city, leading a driver to the northern-most and southern-most corners of the city. The Bow Trail pathway lies a few minutes’ drive away, allowing residents to explore the elegant trajectory of the Bow River among some of the most beautiful green spaces that Calgary has to offer. In addition to the parks that occupy the rest of Scarboro, all that downtown Calgary has to offer is accessible through 17th Avenue. Visit the small businesses, corporate chains, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and shops that populate the downtown area all a very short drive away.

Transportation is not an issue for any citizen. Not only are there many activities available within walking distance but one may visit any neighborhood is all of Calgary through any of their transit stops set up throughout the community. The Shaganappi Point LRT is a few minutes’ walking distance down the Bow River Trail as well, offering the fastest means of transportation in the city.

To borrow a term often used in the community of Upper Scarboro; once a Scarberian, always a Scarberian.